The FIFA World Cup (often called Football World Cup, The World Cup, or simply World Cup) is the most important competition in international football (soccer), and the world's most representative team sport event. Organised by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's governing body, the World Cup is contested by men's national football teams which are FIFA members.

The World Cup is held every four years, but the qualifying rounds of the competition take place over a three-year period, using regional qualifying tournaments. 197 national teams entered the qualification tournaments for the 2006 World Cup. The final tournament phase involves 32 national teams competing over a four-week period in a previously nominated host nation.

The World Cup final competition (often called the "Finals"), which has been held every four years since 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was cancelled due to World War II, is the most widely-viewed and followed sporting event in the world. It has a global audience of more than 3 billion people (half the world's population) exceeding even the Olympic Games.

Only seven nations have won the World Cup. Brazil is the most successful World Cup team, having won the tournament five times. Germany and Italy follow with three titles each. Argentina and Uruguay have two titles each. Finally, France and England have one title each.

The next football World Cup will be held in Germany between June 9 and July 9, 2006.


1. 历史现在国际足联的世界杯奖杯 - "大力神杯"于1970年制造。


2. 设计现在的"大力神杯"是由意大利雕塑家西尔维奥·加扎尼加(Silvio Gazzaniga)设计的,严格来讲,这并不能称作一个奖杯。整座雕塑由18K黄金打造,高36厘米,重4970克。

底座上镶有两圈绿色的孔雀石圆环。环中的金色部分设计了17个空格的"英雄榜",用来刻上冠军队的名称 - 这个"英雄榜"能记录下到2038年所有的世界杯冠军。

目前为止,"英雄榜"上已记下了七个名字,他们分别是德国(1974和1990)、阿根廷(1978和1986)、意大利(1982)、巴西(1994)及法国(1998)3. 所有权国际足联将"大力神杯"颁给世界杯比赛的冠军队,但是,国际足联仍然保留"大力神杯"的所有权。每届冠军队可以保留"大力神杯"直到下一届世界杯决赛。

各支足球劲旅将拼劲全力,以期夺得荣耀的金杯和王者地位。4. "冠军杯"作为世界杯冠军国家的永久纪念品,国际足联特别按照"大力神杯"同样的设计及尺寸制作了一个复制品,唯一的区别是原先"大力神杯""是纯金的,而复制的则是镀金的。


通常,"冠军杯"被存放在瑞士苏黎士国际足联总部。 正因为"冠军杯" 价值连城,因此它在安排公开展示时有十分严格的控制,而且必须配备严密的保安措施。

5. 目前持有人1998年7月12日,法国队在世界杯决赛中勇夺"大力神杯",目前被法国足协收藏在银行保险箱中,它将于2001年12月1日在韩国决赛抽签时送达日韩世界杯组委会。在送还"大力神杯"时,法国将获得一座"冠军杯",以永久纪念他们于1998年赢得世界杯。

6. 价值"大力神杯"由纯金制成,它独一无二的特点和全世界球迷对它的崇拜,使其成为无价之宝。象征足球世界的最高荣耀,"大力神杯"代表了球员在足球生涯中最有意义的成就,同样,它也为全世界的球迷提供了无限的遐想,并激发心中对足球的热爱。

1. HistoryFIFA World Cup trophy now-" the FIFA World Cup "in 1970 manufacturing. That year, Brazil after winning the third time can keep the original "Jules rimet trophy" (" the Jules rimet trophy "in 1983 were stolen, haven't found it yet). Since 1974, the "FIFA World Cup" experienced seven World Cup race, in many of the champions included in the United States in 1994 in the Brazil team title.2. DesignNow of "FIFA World Cup" by Italian sculptor Silvio and Tony add (Silvio Gazzaniga) design, strictly speaking, this is not known as a trophy. The whole sculpture by 18 K gold casting, 36 centimeters high and weighs 4970 grams. The base is laced with two laps of malachite green ring. The golden ring some design 17 Spaces "heroic list", used to engrave the name of the winner-the "hero list" can record to 2038 all the World Cup title. So far, "hero" list has noted down seven name, they are Germany (1974 and 1990), Argentina (1978 and 1986), Italy (1982), Brazil (1994), and France (1998)3. OwnershipFIFA will "FIFA World Cup" awarded to the World Cup winner, but FIFA remained "FIFA World Cup" of the ownership. At each of the winner can keep "FIFA World Cup" until the next World Cup. The football team will hussle playes with full, in order to win the gold cup glory and Kings status.4. "champions league"As the World Cup champion's national permanent souvenirs, FIFA special according to "the FIFA World Cup" the same design and size made a copy, the only difference is originally "FIFA World Cup" "is made of pure gold, and copy is plated with gold. And this copy is the famous" champions league ". The "champions league" will pass to the next World Cup winner of the hand, this is also the only show to the public of the "World Cup". Usually, "champions league" is stored in Zurich, Switzerland FIFA headquarters. Because of "champions league" priceless, so it in public display arrangement is very strict control, and must be equipped with strict security measures.5. At present holderOn July 12, 1998, and France in the World Cup final won "the FIFA World Cup", which is the French football federation collections in the bank's safe, it will be on December 1, 2001 in South Korea final draw to japan-korea World Cup organizing committee. In the back "the FIFA World Cup", France will receive a "champions league", as a permanent memorial they won the 1998 World Cup.6. Value"The FIFA World Cup" made by gold, its unique characteristics and the world 。


1.Who have won the most titles of all time?


2.Who scored most goals during the tournaments?


3.Which country is the first Cup winner?

Uruguay, 1930

4.Which countries have won the World Cup more than twice?

Brazil, Italy, Germany

5.Who scored the most goals throughout the history of World Cup?

Gerd Müller, 14

6.Who scored the most goals in one Tournament?

Jules Fontaine, 13(1958)


The FIFA World Cup (often called the Football World Cup, Soccer World Cup or simply the World Cup) is the most important competition in international soccer (football). The world's most representative team sport event, the World Cup is contested by the men's national football teams of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) (the sport's largest governing body) member nations. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930 (except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II). However, it is more of an ongoing event as the qualifying rounds of the competition take place over the three years preceding the final rounds. The final tournament phase (often called the "Finals") involves 32 national teams competing over a four-week period in a previously nominated host nation, with these games making it the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. In the 17 tournaments held, only seven nations have ever won the World Cup Finals. Brazil is the current holder, as well as the most successful World Cup team, having won the tournament five times, while Germany and Italy follow with three titles each. The next football World Cup Finals will be held in Germany between June 9 and July 9, 2006. With five victories out of its seven appearances in the final match, Brazil is the most successful World Cup team. It is also the only nation to have participated in every World Cup Finals tournament so far. At the continental level, South America narrowly leads Europe with nine titles to eight. Brazil and Germany are tied for most appearances in the final match with 7 (Brazil has won 5; Germany has won 3). Brazil and Italy were finalists each challenging for their 3rd cup in 1970 and for their 4th cup in 1994. In both matches, Brazil won.。


South Africa is opened.Although China did not attend.But I will still see, I think the World Cup has strong appreciation, because they have great team. I will prefer the Spanish champions Spain is the strength, the team has also fernando torres, Harvey, carles puyol, casillas, etc. But because the broadcast time, I could not see every game, but I will still concern.



The World Cup is held once every four years. This year, the World Cup matches will be held in South Africa.

The whole tournament will take one month. This year, it will start from June 11 and the final match will be held on July 11.

There will be 32 nations participating in the World Cup. If I go there, I can watch 64 matches in total.


整个赛事将需要一个月。今年,首场赛事会在6月11日举行,最后一场决赛将於 7月11日举行。



场地名称篇 field / pitch 足球场 midfield 中场 backfield 后场 kickoff circle / center circle 中圈 halfway line 中线 touchline / sideline 边线 goal line 球门线 end line 底线 penalty mark (点球)罚球点 penalty area 禁区(罚球区) goal area 小禁区(球门区) 球队称谓篇 coach 教练 head coach 主教练 football player 足球运动员 referee 裁判 lineman 巡边员 captain / leader 队长 forward / striker 前锋 midfielder 前卫 left midfielder 左前卫 right midfielder 右前卫 attacking midfielder 攻击型前卫(前腰) defending midfielder 防守型前卫(后腰) center forward 中锋 full back 后卫 center back 中后卫 left back 左后卫 right back 右后卫 sweeper 清道夫,拖后中卫 goalkeeper / goalie 守门员 cheer team 拉拉队 足球技术篇 kick-off 开球 bicycle kick / overhead kick 倒钩球 chest-high ball 半高球 corner ball / corner 角球 goal kick 球门球 handball 手球 header 头球 penalty kick 点球 place kick 定位球 own goal 乌龙球 hat-trick 帽子戏法 free kick 任意球 direct free kick 直接任意球 indirect free kick 间接任意球 stopping 停球 chesting 胸部停球 pass 传球 short pass 短传 long pass 长传 cross pass 横传 spot pass 球传到位 consecutive passes 连续传球 take a pass 接球 triangular pass 三角传球 flank pass 边线传球 lobbing pass 高吊传球 volley pass 凌空传球 slide tackle 铲球 rolling pass / ground pass 地滚球 flying header 跳起顶球 clearance kick 解围 shoot 射门 close-range shot 近射 long shot 远射 offside 越位 throw-in 掷界外球 block tackle 正面抢截 body check 阻挡 fair charge 合理冲撞 diving header 鱼跃顶球 dribbling 盘球,带球 clean catching (守门员)接高球 finger-tip save (守门员)托救球 offside 越位 deceptive movement 假动作 break through 突破 kick-out 踢出界 足球战术篇 set the pace 掌握进攻节奏 ward off an assault 击退一次攻势 break up an attack 破坏一次攻势 disorganize the defence 搅乱防守 total football 全攻全守足球战术 open football 拉开的足球战术 off-side trap 越位战术 wing play 边锋战术 time wasting tactics 拖延战术 4-3-3 formation 433阵型 4-4-2 formation 442阵型 beat the offside trap 反越位成功 foul 犯规 technical foul 技术犯规 break loose 摆脱 control the midfield 控制中场 set a wall 筑人墙 close-marking defence 盯人防守 比赛方式篇 half-time interval 中场休息 round robin 循环赛 group round robin 小组循环赛 extra time 加时赛 elimination match 淘汰赛 injury time 伤停补时 golden goal / sudden death 金球制,突然死亡法 eighth-final 八分之一决赛 quarterfinal 四分之一决赛 semi-final 半决赛 final match 决赛 preliminary match 预赛 one-sided game 一边倒的比赛 competition regulations 比赛条例 disqualification 取消比赛资格 match ban 禁赛命令 doping test 药检 draw / sortition 抽签 send a player off 判罚出场 red card 红牌 yellow card 黄牌 goal 球门,进球数 draw 平局 goal drought 进球荒 ranking 排名(名次) 参考资料:/en/biz/8/2996.htm帽子戏法"的来历 在现代足球中,一个球员在一场比赛中独中三元被称作Hat-trick,就是帽子戏法。





例如前英国首相撒切尔夫人,三度竞选连获成功,这史无前例的成就,美国《时代周刊》当时称之为"玛格丽特·撒切尔"的"帽子戏法"。 “Hat-trick”意为:帽子戏法。


在板球比赛中,如果一名投球手连续投出3个好球而将对方3名球员淘汰出局,他通常会得到一顶新帽子作为奖品,这就是“hat trick”的来历。 现在“hat trick”的应用范围已不限于体育领域,人们还用它来形容任何连续3次的成功。

尤以足球比赛最为常见。 帽子戏法是英文Hat-trick的意译,起源于板球比赛。


在这里,帽子就代表了尊重。 一般说来,板球投手能用连续3个球得分,是件相当牛的事。


8.巴西世界杯简介 英文

The 2014 World Cup football match is FIFA twentieth World Cup, held in Brazil from June 12, 2014 to July 13th, the 32 teams from around the world to participate in the games, 64 games to determine the winner team. This is the second in 1950 after the World Cup second held in Brazil, is following the 1978 Argentina World Cup fifth time World Cup held in South america.The 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there are 32 teams. Remove host Brazil automatically qualified outside, the other 31 countries to participate in the qualifiers in June through 2011 to qualify. Brazil during the world cup, the 12 city in the territory of Brazil held a total of 64 games. At the same time, the Brazil world cup is the first use of goal line technology of the world cup。